Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 9, Feat. Mike Federali of Tidewater Comic Con

Therefore I Geek

tidewater comicon

In which, Andrew and Tracy got the opportunity to talk to the brains behind Tidewater Comic Con.  Mike Federali, the convention’s organizer, shared how he got started with conventions and what inspired him to create a brand new convention for the Hampton Roads area.  We also talked about the first TWCC event in April of this year, and how the turnout was way more than anyone expected, as well as Mike’s plans for the future of the convention.

Show Notes:

Tidewater Comicon

Borderless Comics

Clicker Pic

Comic Book Men

Batman Day

TWCC Batman Day Event

TWCC DC Spectacular Event

Video Game Heaven

TWCC Super Taco Extravaganza

TWCC Super Hero Celebration at Chicho’s

Pop Mhan

Manifest Destiny

The Strain: The Fall

Uncanny X-Men

Guardians of the Galaxy


Walking Dead


Very Near Mint

The Lies of Locke Lamora

The Way of Kings


American Gods


Spider-Man 2099



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What Happened to The Mary Sue?

The Lobster Dance

Interrupting the series again for breaking news:

The Mary Sue merger has me feeling a bit like Obi-Wan today. 

You were the chosen one! Source unknown, but memetastic.

Let me explain.

The Mary Sue, popular geek website for geek women by geek women, merged with Geekosystem, a sister site from Abrams Media. The merger was a decision from the top, and it’s been handled unbelievably poorly by everyone involved. I had seen the notices that it was going to happen but didn’t have time to check things out until toranosukev from Nubui Kuduchi showed me this.

About What Exactly?

Regarding the merger, an announcement like the following would have been the best call:

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