New Blog: The Diogenes Society – A Cynical Syndicate


I’m launching this thing today.

Part Time Monster, Quaint Jeremy, DBCII, Comparative Geeks, Drifting Through, Things Matter, Rose B Fischer, Natacha Guyot, Taylor Grace, Infinite Free Time:

You get the heads up.

Everyone else will find out about it when they get their first reblog. This blog’s not a secret — I’m just not promoting it on my own blogs for at least a month because I want it to be a surprise and I need to tweak it a bit before I put it out there 🙂

The only original stuff you’ll ever see here will be updates. Everyone who gets a reblog gets their own category.

I’ll probably do a couple per day for the first little while, but the idea, once it gets going, is to do one a day and let it sit for 24 hours. That one reblog will only take 10 minutes. It’s designed to take posts from our blogging buddies that are gone from the feeds and put them back in circulation with tags I choose for them.

I have no idea at all whether people will follow it or not. We’ll see.

I’m pinging you just to send you the notifications (I enjoy playing around with notifications that way), and because I need to toss out a few breadcrumbs, and because I didn’t want to spend the first ten days reblogging you just to let you in on it. It’ll take a while before the reblogs are worth much, attention-wise.

Have an awesome weekend, all of you!

Under Construction

This is a side project of Sourcerer. It will take a month or so to get it up to speed. The idea is simple. This blog posts one reblog per day, without comment. Usually to a post from the day before. Here’s how I came up with this idea:

Sourcerer did a lot of reblogging when I started it up. Now it has too much content to do much reblogging. I like to reblog because I know how it makes me feel when someone reblogs one of my posts. It’s a good feeling. And I am all about finding ways to help bloggers feel good. It only takes a few minutes to reblog a post, and I’m visiting 50 blogs per week anyway. So this is a bit of a no-brainer. The reason they’ll always be reblogged without comment is because I want the post to be front-and-center.

I only reblog one post per day because that gives whatever I reblog the front page for 24 hours. I’ll rarely reblog posts written by Diana and I, once we get rolling. This is about promoting other bloggers.

I named it Trebuchet 42 because the value of this blog is that it allows me to take a post that’s done all it’s ever going to do in the WordPress tag feeds and fling it back to the tops of the feeds that I choose for it. “Trebuchet” is just a cooler word that “catapult,” and all the standard versions of that name are registered already. I added the 42 because it’s the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

Hi-jinks will ensue as soon as I find time to get the design right and figure out which social media to connect it to. That’s why we’re looking at a month. Development requires thought, first of all, and this idea is only 20 minutes old at this point. This blog will never be a high-engagement, large-following site, but I think it’s too valuable a tool to not make use of.

In the meantime, feedback is welcome.