I’m launching this thing today.

Part Time Monster, Quaint Jeremy, DBCII, Comparative Geeks, Drifting Through, Things Matter, Rose B Fischer, Natacha Guyot, Taylor Grace, Infinite Free Time:

You get the heads up.

Everyone else will find out about it when they get their first reblog. This blog’s not a secret — I’m just not promoting it on my own blogs for at least a month because I want it to be a surprise and I need to tweak it a bit before I put it out there 🙂

The only original stuff you’ll ever see here will be updates. Everyone who gets a reblog gets their own category.

I’ll probably do a couple per day for the first little while, but the idea, once it gets going, is to do one a day and let it sit for 24 hours. That one reblog will only take 10 minutes. It’s designed to take posts from our blogging buddies that are gone from the feeds and put them back in circulation with tags I choose for them.

I have no idea at all whether people will follow it or not. We’ll see.

I’m pinging you just to send you the notifications (I enjoy playing around with notifications that way), and because I need to toss out a few breadcrumbs, and because I didn’t want to spend the first ten days reblogging you just to let you in on it. It’ll take a while before the reblogs are worth much, attention-wise.

Have an awesome weekend, all of you!


9 thoughts on “I’m launching this thing today.

    • Entirely up to you. I certainly wouldn’t take it amiss. Feel free to share it or talk about it if you think it’s interesting enough to warrant, but this isn’t like a subtle way of asking or anything.

      Mainly I wanted all of you to know today, on launch day. So that when I do start talking about it on my blogs, you’ll know when it started and what the plan for it is.


        • You’re welcome 🙂 Not including you and Luther was just unthinkable. I found one of you because you posted something to the writing tag that grabbed me, and found the other by following a gravatar link on the comment thread. I don’t remember which was which. I would have folded Just Gene’O by now if not for you two encouraging me.

          The only reason I didn’t include the Leather Library here is because I’m trying to figure out how to help Steven find an audience for his philosophy blogging, which is a fairly new thing, but something I appreciate. I wanted his Diogenes Society to have the first reblog, just in case this takes off. I’m sure it didn’t bring him more than a couple of views today. But now I can always say I gave one of his philosophy posts the first reblog. Which is high praise.


  1. What a great idea! I will definitely help promote it and get the word out. I’ll wait til I see you promoting and I’ll follow suit! And thanks for including me and letting me in on such a cool concept! And I love the header picture!


    • Thanks! That was an early choice for the Sourcerer header, but I got it from a “free to share and use” Bing search and couldn’t establish that it was really free, so couldn’t use it on all the social media. It’s perfect for this site, though.


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